Classification and Compensation

Job Re-Evaluation

A job re-evaluation is recommended if there is:

  • Substantial, permanent change to content of the job (>30%) as compared to last evaluated description.
  • A new titling trend in the market that needs to be recognized.

Relevant Documents Required:

  • Revised position description, highlighting changes from last reviewed description. Examples include:
    • Change in managerial responsibility
    • Significant revision of job duties
  • Formal request by manager with sign-off by division head.
  • HR review of external market (unless move is into another existing Xavier title).


Re-evaluation Review Schedule:

Effective July 1, 2023, the re-evaluation process is on hold until further notice.

Only one re-evaluation per job is permitted in a 12 month period.

Fall Semester Spring Semester Action
October 1 March 1 Materials and approval submitted to HR
December 15 May 15 Manager notified of results
January 1 July 1 Effective date for any change in title, grade or compensation

Re-evaluation Form