Criteria of eligibility for University Scholars Program members

(Students must have entered the program fall 2017 or after)

Xavier University students entering in fall 2017 or after and accepted as members of the University Scholars Program are eligible to access up to $2000 one time toward an international educational program.

All nine of the following criteria must be met by a USP student in order to take advantage of the funding:

1.  The money can be applied for once, up to a total of $2000, toward one international educational program (of any length of time) taking place beyond U.S. borders.

2.  The program must be a Xavier-sponsored educational program or one offered by a partner program (one that is billed on the student's bursar account through Home Bill).  More information about applicable programs can be found here and through consultation with the Director of the University Scholars Program.  Students are expected to pay this bursar bill for a program up front, and the money will be refunded by the Admissions office back into the account soon after the program has ended.

3.  The program must take place after the completion of the student's first year at Xavier (after spring semester) and before the beginning of the student's fourth year (fall semester).

4.  At least three Honors courses (nine credit hours--half of the program's requirements) must have been completed by the student at Xavier University before the international program begins.

5.  If applying for funds to cover a program in the student's first summer (after completion of Year One), the student must be registered as a full-time student for the fall of his/her Year Two.

6.  The student's cumulative g.p.a. must be 3.2 or higher (USP's required g.p.a for graduation in the program) at the time of application for the funds.

7.  Application for funds requires completion of a form provided by the Director of University Scholars.

8.  Application for funds must take place after acceptance into and registration for the international program-- and within three months of completion of the travel.

9.  The University Scholar must not also be a member of a Xavier Honors program that already comes with international travel funding (that is, Smith Scholars, Philosophy, Politics, & the Public, or Classics & Philosophy Honors Bachelor of Arts).