Honors Programs

Xavier challenges students to reach their fullest potential. Our honors programs help students refine their academic focus, expand their interests and unlock new possibilities.

Applications to apply to Xavier University honors programs for the fall of 2021 are now open.

Programs Offered

Data Science Honors Bachelor of Science

Data scientists are trained to combine their skills in analytics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to transform sizable and convoluted data into understandable results that can be used to make intelligent decisions. Xavier’s interdisciplinary Data Science Honors Program develops technical skills, ethics, and a series of projects that challenge students to apply their knowledge to serve the community and address issues in society.

Dr. Gary Lewandowski
Professor, Computer Science
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Director, Data Science Honors Bachelor of Science Program
Phone: 513-745-3101 | Email<

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Philosophy, Politics & the Public

This program explores the effect of political science and philosophy on people and society. Students meet with policy makers in Washington D.C., and volunteer for a political campaign of their choosing. They also spend a summer studying in Rome, London or Paris.

Dr. Timothy Brownlee
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Director of Philosophy, Politics and the Public Honors Program
Phone: 513-745-3697 | Email

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Smith Scholars

The Smith Scholars Program is a Williams College of Business (WCB) undergraduate, cohort honors program. Smith Scholars students begin as freshmen in an intensive program that integrates the study of the liberal arts with the WCB core curriculum. This unique cohort of Smith Scholars studies a range of courses in both liberal arts and business.

Dr. Steven Frankel
Professor of Philosophy
Academic Coordinator, Smith Scholars Program
Phone: 513-745-3668 | Email

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University Scholars

Students in our traditional honors program study any major and the core courses in small, specialized classes that promote deeper exploration and close faculty support.

Dr. Stephen Yandell
Director, University Scholars Program
Phone: 513-745-3598 | Email

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Admission to Xavier University honors programs is competitive. Admitted students generally rank in the top 15 percent of their high school class and present composite scores of at least 1300 (SAT) or 29 (ACT) if they choose to submit their standardized test scores. In addition to the guidelines for academic scholarship, prospective students need to complete an application form, which includes a brief essay or project. An interview may also be requested at the discretion of the program director. 

Application to Xavier Honors Programs for Fall 2021 is test-optional. Applicants will be equally considered regardless of score submission. The choice to include or exclude ACT/SAT scores from consideration is made in the initial application to Xavier. If students do choose to submit their scores as part of their initial application to Xavier, those scores may be reviewed for consideration to honors programs.