The tradition of honors studies at Xavier dates back more than 50 years. Xavier offers three distinct honors programs to its most serious students.

Small class sizes, interdisciplinary coursework, foreign study and a community of fellow students and teachers characterize the programs. Though each has a unique focus and emphasis, all three honors programs allow students to pursue a traditional liberal arts curriculum embracing the humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences. Infused throughout is the centuries-old Jesuit emphasis on intellectual values and ethics.

Admission is competitive. Students who are accepted take the same core curriculum expected of all Xavier students, though at an honors level and with additional requirements.

Apply Now--applications due April 2, 2018

•  The University Scholars Program Application

•  Philosophy, Politics & The Public Program Application

•  Honors Bachelor of Arts Program Application

For undergraduate admission, visit the Undergraduate Admission Application website.


Contact Information

Dr. Stephen Yandell
Director, University Scholars Program
Phone 513-745-3598

Dr. E. Paul Colella
Professor of Philosophy
Director, Philosophy, Politics and Public Program
Phone 513-745-3629 | E-Mail

Dr. Shannon Byrne
Professor of Classics
Chair, Department of Classics  and Modern Languages
Director, Honors Bachelor of Arts Program
Phone 513-745-3456 | E-Mail