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Insurance this year is being offered by Anthem Student Advantage. The waiver site for submitting hard waivers online will open in late June

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Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Requirements

All students must complete the SHIP requirements on an annual basis, prior to arriving to Xavier for the Fall Semester, or for those arriving for the first time prior to the Spring Semester of the academic year. This must be done each academic year that the student is enrolled at Xavier University, as an undergraduate.

ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ARE ENROLLED IN THE PLAN unless an approved waiver is on file.

Whether the student already has insurance and intends to waive the plan offered through Xavier, or whether the student plans to accept the plan offered through Xavier, action must be taken. Please watch the below video for complete instructions on this process, and to reach SHIP compliance. Get answers to the most asked questions about this process by viewing the FAQ.

  • Out of State Medicaid, or Out of Network? Out of State Medicaid is not in-network at the TriHealth Clinic at Xavier. Investing in the Xavier-offered plan may help avoid costly medical bills, without losing the Medicaid in your home state. If your insurance is not in-network with TriHealth, the Xavier-offered plan may also help you avoid costly medical bills. Under your plan, check to see if G. Stephen Cleves is in-network. If he is, all providers at our Xavier TriHealth Clinic will be in-network with your plan.
  • Domestic Graduate students are not automatically charged, therefore do not need to go through the waiver process. These students may opt to enroll themselves in the plan. Access the graduate enrollment form here.  Please click "Create a new account" to get started.
  • International Graduate students with F-1 and J-1 Visas are automatically charged and are required to have current health insurance coverage with a U.S. claims address. INT students will be assisted with completion of enrollment in the health insurance plan at International Student Orientation upon arrival to campus.

Health Insurance Utilization on Campus

Healthcare services at Xavier's campus are being provided by TriHealth. In order to access health services on campus, all Xavier students are required to present their insurance card and pay the corresponding copayment as directed by each individual's insurance coverage plan. Students may elect to use Xavier's student health insurance or an existing plan to receive care on campus.

Please email [email protected] for questions regarding the student health insurance waiver process.

Visit the Waiver site now