Computer Science Department

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

This schedule is generic in that it indicates suggested placement of CSCI and MATH courses but does not specify core courses or major/minor courses in a second discipline. For questions about combining a specific major or minor with this degree, contact Dr. Liz Johnson, Chair, Department of Computer Science, 

First Year:
Fall: CSCI 170 (Computer Science I)
Spring: CSCI 180 (Computer Science II), Math 225 (Foundations of Higher Math)

Second Year:
Fall: CSCI 220 (Data Structures and Algorithms) 
Spring: CSCI 250 (Languages and Automata), CSCI 260 (Software Engineering I)

Third Year:
Fall: CSCI Elective
Spring: CSCI Elective

Fourth Year:
Fall: CSCI 390 (Senior Seminar and Project)
Spring: CSCI Elective