This schedule is generic in that it indicates suggested placement of CSCI and MATH courses but does not specify core courses or major/minor courses in a second discipline. For questions about combining a specific major or minor with this degree, contact Elizabeth Johnson, Chair, Department of Computer Science,

First Year:
Fall: CSCI 170 (Computer Science I)
Spring: CSCI 180 (Computer Science II)

Second Year:
Fall: CSCI 220 (Data Structures and Algorithms), Math 225 (Foundations of Higher Math)
Spring: CSCI 250 (Languages and Automata)

Third Year:
Fall: CSCI Elective
Spring: CSCI 260 (Software Engineering), CSCI Elective

Fourth Year:
Fall: CSCI Elective
Spring: CSCI 390 (Senior Seminar and Project)