Classics and Modern Languages

Kelly Blank

Senior Teaching Professor, Italian

Kelly Blank has been teaching Italian language at Xavier since 2005. She holds a B.A. in Italian from Indiana University, Bloomington, where she also completed Master’s coursework in Italian. She completed one year of study at the Università di Bologna in Bologna, Italy, focusing on comparative literature, Italian art history, Italian cinema, and history of architecture.

At Xavier, she teaches ITAL 101-202 and directs the Italian Studies minor. She has participated as a faculty member on Xavier’s interdisciplinary Summer Study Abroad Program in Rome, Italy, since 2007, where she teaches Italian language and cinema courses. She also planned and led students on an embedded international experience to Torino, Bologna, and Rome on two occasions as part of her Slow Food: We Are What We Eat First Year Seminar course. Ms. Blank is a freelance translator and has worked on projects in historical, artistic, and cultural contexts.

When not teaching, Ms. Blank enjoys watching international (and domestic) films, running, volunteering at an animal shelter in Cincinnati, and visiting farmers’ markets and museums.