Deaf Studies Minor

Xavier University's Deaf Studies Program provides several options for students to pursue their love of sign language and the Deaf culture. The Deaf Studies Program incorporates sign language classes along with studies related to the intriguing culture of the Deaf.

Individuals participating in the Deaf Studies Program will receive classroom instruction from Deaf individuals and hearing instructors with extensive experience working in the Deaf community. Along with classroom experience, students will benefit from a Community Based Learning Program, providing opportunities for students to learn about the language and culture in schools and organizations that work directly with the Deaf community.

Because Deaf individuals live in the hearing world, there is a demand for hearing individuals in a variety of fields to be qualified to work with and understand the needs of the Deaf. Completion of the Deaf Studies Minor will add an extra area of expertise to a student's primary focus of study, providing multiple educational disciplines for professional success. Employment opportunities in health care, education, business, criminal justice, and psychology, to name a few, will be more beneficial with the addition of a specified study of sign language and the Deaf culture.

The Deaf Studies minor is a value-added component to existing majors and enhance one's competitive edge in the job market. It also covers the university language core requirement.

Students enrolled in the Deaf Studies Minor will complete six language classes and two additional courses focusing on the psychology and culture of the Deaf.

• Elementary American Sign Language 101 (3 credit hours)
• Elementary American Sign Language 102 (3 credit hours)
• Intermediate American Sign Language 201 (3 credit hours)
• Intermediate American Sign Language 202 (3 credit hours)
• Deafness:  Origins and Orientation 290  (3 credit hours)
• Deafness:  Culture and Community 291  (3 credit hours
• Advanced American Sign Language 300 (3 credit hours)
• Advanced American Sign Language 301 (3 credit hours)

For More Information, please contact:

Mrs. Michele Bailes
Senior Teaching Professor
Director of Deaf Studies, Xavier University