Cintas Institute for Business Ethics

Charter/Charge for the Advisory Board

In line with the WCB and XU mission statements, the Advisory Board is charged to:

  • Advise and guide the Cintas Institute for Business Ethic Director with respect to:
    • developing short, intermediate and long-term strategic plans for the Institute.
    • incorporating ethics related issues within the undergraduate and graduate business curriculums.
    • generating and sharing techniques and strategies for faculty and students incorporating ethics in the classroom.
    • recommending potential members for the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics' Advisory Board.
    • developing panel discussions and speakers series.
  • Contributing expertise to Cintas Institute for Business Ethics stakeholders by:
    • acting as a resource for Guest lectures
    • helping to select:
      • Cintas Faculty Ethics Fellows
      • Cintas Graduate Ethics Fellows
    • sharing "best practices" with other professionals
  • Providing the Director with an annual assessment of the Institute's fulfillment of the Institute's strategic plan.
  • Annually assessing the Board's fulfillment of its Charge.
  • Performing other appropriate duties as assigned by the Dean of the Williams College of Business, and Director of the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics.