Xavier University Center for Catholic Education (XUCCE)

Statue of St. Francis Xavier surrounded by blooming hydrangeas

Xavier engages students intellectually, morally, and spiritually - with rigor and compassion - toward lives of solidarity, service, and success. This is Xavier's Catholic and Jesuit identity and heritage. The Center for Catholic Education is one way that Xavier specifically promotes its identity and heritage by assisting Catholic schools in the transmission of the faith and the development of Catholic education.

Executive Director Michael Flick and Congressman William Keating

Executive Director Michael Flick and Congressman William Keating

The Xavier University Center for Catholic Education aims to strengthen Catholic education through diocesan and school partnerships designed to transform Catholic schools. As such, XUCCE is a resource for Catholic educators providing opportunities that include professional development and networking. In short, XUCCE utilizes the resources of the University to offer a broad range of programs and services to advance Catholic education in our region. The Center's goals and its way of work hold promise for further accomplishments.


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