To take advantage of the work portion of your financial aid package, you must attend the On-Campus Employment Fair. After accepting your Federal Work Study offer, you will receive emails regarding the fair, which takes place the first week of the fall semester.

The amount that is listed on your Financial Aid statement is the maximum amount that you may earn during the academic period. You are not guaranteed to earn exactly the amount which appears on your Financial Aid statement.

You are not automatically placed in a position and jobs are not guaranteed to all awarded students.

Once you are hired for a position, you must complete all required Federal and University hiring forms. You may complete your paperwork at the Employment Fair or visit our office at 530 Conaton Learning Commons, which requires either a current passport or a driver's license along with an original social security card or original birth certificate. No copies are permitted.

For a more complete list of acceptable documents on the I-9 download the needed forms. All students must complete an I-9 form prior to beginning to work, which requires the verification of two forms of identification.