The majority of Xavier students indicated they found/secured their internship or job through a family member, friend, or Xavier faculty/staff - in other words, their networks. Use these contacts to your advantage. Reach out to seek their career advice, discuss strategies and conduct informational interviews. Following are networking strategies which can help you build and communicate with your network.


  • Starting sophomore year, Xavier students can be matched with a career professional who will work with you one-on-one to help you develop your networking skills, build your professional network, help with career development and more!

Utilize LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is a great online tool for staying connected with peers, colleagues, and networking with others. Join groups of interest, including any Xavier groups (example: Xavier University Alumni). You can search for contacts who work in certain industries, filter by college major, location, alma mater, etc.

  • To read what to include in your LinkedIn profile as well as different ways to utilize LinkedIn, visit the Career Guide.

  • LinkedIn also has a job posting feature and a separate volunteer site.

Join Professional Organizations
  • The Internet Public Library offers a Directory of Associations. Seek out those most relevant to your interests. Many offer special rates for student membership and they often have job postings on their websites.

Connect with Alumni

Use Facebook
  • Type in the search box "Friends of Friends who work at XYZ (the name of the organization)" or "Friends of Friends who went to Xavier University and work at XYZ (the name of the organization)". Connect with your friends who know these contacts - ask to be introduced. You can also connect with alumni across the nation on the Xavier University Alumni Facebook page. This may help when looking to network with those in other cities and states.

Attend Career Fairs/Prep Events
  • You have a better chance of landing the job if you've met the organization's recruiter. Whether it's in a formal setting like the career fair, or as part of Career Fair Prep Week or the Backstage Pass, an in-person connection is key.