Career Development

Evaluating a Job Offer

Evaluating a Job Offer

First and foremost, congratulations! You obviously stand out to the employer. 

Well done. So now what?

  • When you first receive the email or call with a position offer, always be and act excited: “Thank you so much! I am very excited about this opportunity.”
  • Then, even if you know you want the position, ask for time.
    • “I would like a little time to think about and review the position and benefits (if applicable). When would you like an answer?” (or offer a specific date by which you will respond)
    • Make sure you respond to them no later than the date agreed.
    • If you know you are not interested, let them know sooner than later. You want to allow them time to contact the other candidates in a timely fashion.
    • If you plan to negotiate or if you have questions, give them the courtesy of not waiting until the reply-by date if possible.

 “What if I have an offer but I’m still waiting to hear back from my first choice?”


  • Ask for additional time or get the offer in writing, often with it emailed to you. Employers should give you time to do your due diligence to make the right decision, but they are also trying to get the position filled in a timely manner. Take time to really think about the opportunity before you make a final decision.

Contact the other employer

  • Call the contact at your first choice. Ask them where they are in the search process. Tell them that you have a job offer (don’t mention with whom) but they are the company/organization you are most passionate about. This information may speed up their process or let you know where you stand.

Don't burn bridges

  • Ethically, it is not appropriate to renege on an offer. Once you accept an offer with an organization, do not continue to search for a better opportunity. Keep in mind that in addition to representing your peers and Xavier University, it’s a small world and people talk. You do not want them talking about you. Also, who knows who is going to be influential in a future position years from now.