Career Development

Executive Interviews

The purpose of the activity (hosted by the Williams College of Business undergraduate office) is to introduce students to informational interviewing, career exploration and personal branding. In addition, it gives students a taste of the Mentor Program and the value of developing a professional network.

This is a required event for business freshmen enrolled in the career-development course, Business Profession I. For most students, this will be their first professional relationship/networking event.


Students will have your title and bio-and a list of questions to ask you. However, this will be their first informational interview and many will be shy or unsure how to proceed. Your role will involve leading the conversation and encouraging them to engage in the conversation. Here are some suggestions/conversation starters:

  • Tell them about your background, current job and responsibilities
  • Explain your career path-how you got to your job, what career and life decisions you made along the way
  • Share insights into your career, company or industry
  • Give advice on finding/getting a job or internship
  • Guide the student as to what skills and knowledge employers are looking for today.
  • Teach students the value of developing a professional network

If interested in participating, contact Ms. Monda Bullucks (


  • The sessions last about one hour (10 minutes-set up and introductions, 35 minutes-networking, 15 minutes-debriefing and farewells). You will be meeting with 2-5 business students.
  • Students will be expected to share a little about their background (e.g., major, career interests, experience, etc.).
  • Students will also be required to learn about you and your career.
  • Each student will be instructed to ask 1-2 questions to you.
  • What they are doing, in essence, is conducting an INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW.

Here is some background information:


As part of their business degree, students are required to participate in career-development program called the Business Profession program. Over their four years, students will work on fundamentals of professional development and career planning, including career assessment, resume writing, job search and selection, interviewing techniques, professional presence, networking and more. This activity (Executive Interviews) is a required event for freshmen.


Here are some of the learning goals for the Executive Interviews:

  • Introduce professional networking
  • Gain confidence and professional presence in a business setting
  • Make the connection between academic interests (majors) with careers
  • Practice informational interviewing techniques (to learn about careers and opportunities)
  • Introduce the Mentor program and value of professional relationships


The audience will consist of business majors. Most are undecided majors, but many have strong interests in entrepreneurship, accounting, sustainability, international business and more. Here is a profile of the WCB freshman class.

  • Freshmen-18-19 years old
  • 40% are business undecided majors
  • Accounting, Finance and Marketing are top three majors among freshmen
  • Most will change their major once during their four years in college
  • 55% are from OH, IN and KY
  • Nearly all reside on campus


  • Tell me about yourself (high school, hometown, majors, interests, etc.)
  • Why did you pick Xavier? Why did you choose your major?
  • What would you say are your major strengths/weaknesses?
  • I understand you attended a workshop on Career Exploration? What did you learn about yourself? What interests, skills or values emerged as you did this exercise?
  • What do you imagine yourself doing after graduation?
  • What type of work environment seems most desirable to you or a good fit with your skills and personality?
  • Tell me about a time where you demonstrated leadership skills/initiative/creativity or innovative spirit?


  • The interviews will take place in the Cintas Center on Xavier's campus.
  • Parking passes are provided.

If interested in participating, contact Ms. Monda Bullucks (