D'Artagnan Capital Fund

The D’Artagnan Capital Fund is an actively-managed opportunities fund that focuses on investments in the large-cap and greater equity universe through a bottom-up valuation approach. Equities presented in the fund are researched extensively by sector analysts with the direction of portfolio managers who are responsible for their respective sectors. Through rigorous peer review of valuation models, research, and investment rationales, we seek to continuously outperform our benchmark, the S&P 500 Total Return index, on a risk-adjusted basis while remaining within our compliance by selecting the most mispriced equities in the universe that we can choose from. 

2022 D'Artagnan Capital Fund Report

Group of Xavier students who run the The D'Artagnan Capital Fund. They are standing in a group on the Ignatian Steps on Xavier's campus. Everyone is wearing business professional attire.

The D'Artagnan Capital Fund is solely run by Xavier University students. We manage approximately $5.9 million for Xavier's Endowment as of Sept. 1st, 2021. Per our prospectus, our exposure is limited to large-cap equities, and we currently manage a portfolio of 39 holdings.

DCF's work with Alliance Academy

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