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Rule Class Codes / Journal Types

Abbreviations that will help you to understand the transactions in the Financial Accounting Systems are:

Abbreviation Meaning
BD01 Permanent adopted budget (original budget)
BD02 Permanent change to adopted budget
BD04 Temporary change to budget (one time only funding)
CNNI Cancel Check associated with a Request for Check
CORD Change order to an existing PO
CR05 Cash receipt - deposits to revenue
DCSR Direct cash receipt
DNEC Check - credit memo with encumbrance
DNEI Check - invoice with encumbrance
DNNC Check - credit memo without encumbrance
DNNI Check - invoice without encumbrance
HDEF Deferred pay payout
HDPA Deferred pay accrual
HEEL Employee liability - payroll feed
HENA Salary encumbrance adjustment
HENC Salary encumbrance
HERL Employee liability
HGNL Payroll - gross expenditure, no liquidation
HGRB Employer-paid benefits
HNET Net payroll
ICEC Cancel credit memo with encumbrance
ICEI Cancel invoice with encumbrance
ICNC Cancel credit memo without encumbrance
ICNI Cancel invoice without encumbrance
INEC Credit memo with encumbrance
INEI Invoice with encumbrance
INNC Invoice - cancelled
INNI Accounts payable invoice without encumbrance (request for checks)
JE05 Beginning balance in restricted funds
JE15 Journal entries (intra fund)
JE16 Journal entries (inter fund including interdepartmentals and feeds)
PCRD Cancel purchase order
PCRP Cancel purchase order from prior year
POAD Additional charge on purchase order
POBC Purchase order liquidation/$25 or less balance
POCL Purchase order closed
PODS Discount on purchase order
POLQ Liquidated purchase order
POPN Open purchase order
PORD Encumbered purchase order
PROJ Project encumbrance
REQP Requisition that has been reserved
RCQP Cancelled requisition
XACC Alumni feed
YEOB Year end operating budget