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General Org, Fund and Account Information

Generic Orgs

Defaults for funds, these are used to identify operational areas within the University

Fund Number Fund Name
10010 President's Office - Other
12003 Administrative Vice President - Other
17026 Intercollegiate Athletics - Other
30014 Academic Affairs - Other
32008 College of Arts and Science - Other
33005 College of Professional Sciences - Other
34007 Williams College of Business - Other
36500 Financial Aid - Student
40005 Student Development - Other
43301 Student Government Association
50002 Information Technologies - Other
60004 Mission and Ministry - Other
70007 Financial Administration - Other
71025 Plant Fund Projects
75102 Purchasing PO (FA Only)
75153 Financial Services - Unrestricted
75154 Financial Services - Other Entities
75155 Financial Services - Loan
75156 Financial Services - Endowment
75157 Financial Services - Annuity
75158 Financial Services - Agency
76525 Plant Funds (FA Only)
80016 University Relations - Other


Account Code Summary

The numbering structure for account groups for the general ledger

Fund Number Fund Name
1XXXXX Asset accounts
201XXX Liability accounts
301XXX Control accounts
401XXX Fund balance
50XXXX Revenue accounts (all revenue accts have program codes that begin with 0 (0XXX)
601XXX Labor expense accounts
70XXXX All other expense accounts
801XXX Transfer accounts (all transfer accts have program codes that begin with 98 (98xx)
901XXX Fund additions
951XXX Fund deductions


Fund Categories

The numbering structure for fund groups.

Fund Number Fund Name
11XXXX Current operating budget
15XXXX Auxiliary funds
17XXXX Self Funded Activities
18XXXX Designated funds
21XXXX Federal financial aid
22XXXX State financial aid
23XXXX Private research/other grants
24XXXX Contracts
26XXXX Endowment spendable funds
28XXXX Endowment spendable funds
29XXXX Other restricted
30XXXX Special entities
4XXXXX Loan funds
6XXXXX Endowment funds
69XXXX Earned income fund
7XXXXX Annuity and life income funds
81XXXX Student club funds
83XXXX University related agency
89XXXX Other agency
91XXXX Unexpended plant funds
93XXXX Renewal and replacement plant fund
95XXXX Retirement of indebtedness
97XXXX Investment in plant


Account Codes - Expense Pools for funding

Fund Number Fund Name
601651 Student employment pool
701500 Departmental operating pool
703000 Contracted and professional services
704001 Cost of goods sold pool (COGS)
704050 Cost of goods sold pool (Cintas only)
705000 Maintenance repair pool
706050 Non-recurring equipment fund
708001 Insurance pool
711000 Plant project pool (plant funds only)