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FOAP Structure

Account Number Structure

Fund Org Account Program
Fund Org Account Program

FOAP - Acronym for the accounting code block

F = Fund (6 digits) Different types of dollars within the University.
Key series of numbers for operating, grants, endowments, plant funds, restricted, agency and student club accounts.

O = Org (5 digits) Organization in the University.
Key series of numbers to use for operating budgets. Org refers to a department, division or any other sub-department structure within the University.

A = Account (6 digits) Asset, liability, revenue, expense; transfer codes are used to process transactions.
Code for describing type of revenue or expense

P = Program (4 digits) Standard NACUBO revenue/expense coding structure.
This is set to default to the fund and orgs. End users do not need to know this particular series of numbers.

All fields are required to process transactions.