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Banner Definitions

In Banner, the account code defines the area (expense/revenue) to which a transaction should be recorded. For example, if an invoice was paid for office supplies it is charged to account 701511.

Banner is a comprehensive and integrated information system made up of Finance, HR, Student, Alumni, and Financial Aid modules. The finance module is used to record financial transactions that result from activity at the university. It stores transaction data in an Oracle relational database, and users view the information using a web based self-service system.

Every Banner form consists of two or more blocks. Each block contains information fields. Banner blocks are usually separated by a solid horizontal line.

Chart of Accounts (COAS)
This field is required on any forms where it is present. The value is always X.

Downloading into Excel
The process of moving information from Finance Self Service to an Excel spreadsheet to create a customized reporting tool.

The lowest level of detail in a form is a field. A field displays a specific data element. Examples of data fields include last name, vendor id, fund, account, document number, etc.

Finance Self Service
Finance Self Service is a web based access to view and extract information from Internet Native Banner (INB) in a user friendly format. The data is live or real time.

Banner screens are referred to as forms, where you interactively enter and look up information. Every form has been assigned a unique name. For example, the organization budget status form is named FGIBDST which is an acronym where each character or combination of characters has meaning. (F=Finance, G=General, I=Inquiry, BDST=Budget Status). A form is comprised of blocks and fields.

This is an acronym for the accounting code block of numbers. The acronym FOAP is created by taking the first character of each component. The budget number consists of four components: Fund, Organization, Account and Program. It communicates to Banner in alphanumeric code how a transaction is being paid or how to credit revenue received.

Six digit code that identifies the source of funds (i.e. 110000=Operating).

The Index code is used in Finance Self Service as a data entry shortcut. When the Index is entered, the system retrieves the fund, organization, and program codes that correspond to that Index code.

Navigate                                                                                                                                                                To move through various fields and forms in Banner.

The relational database management system developed and copyrighted by the Oracle Corporation and used by Banner.

Organization (Org)
The org code, short for organization code, identifies the budgetary unit (department) responsible for managing the funds queried. The org code is needed to post revenue, expenses, transfers and to set up budgets.

Queries are searches for data using specific parameters. It is an information retrieval function.

Every transaction is stored in Banner as a record. A record is analogous to a paper document in a file cabinet. If a query retrieves several transactions that match your query, Banner will state the number of records found.

Each financial event is a transaction. Issuing a purchase order and processing a departmental billing are examples of Banner transactions.