Biology Department

Dr. Dorothy Engle

Professor, Biology
Chair, Health Sciences Committee

Dr. Engle currently teaches General Biology I, the first course for Biology Department majors, Genetics, Genetics Laboratory , Professional Communication in the Sciences, and Methods of Biological Research (aka Senior Research). In 1995, the students awarded Dr. Engle the Bishop Fenwick Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2001 and 2015, she received the Joan G. McDonald Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Sciences.

Dr. Engle loves using genetic schemes to answer biological questions. Past projects have identified genes whose products contribute to the regulation of the cell cycle, and collaborating with colleagues in the Departments of Physics and Chemistry on studies of a blue-light receptor protein. For three summers (2077-2019), we sent teams of 4 students for 9 weeks of research on this protein, in the lab of Dr. Margaret Ahmad, Sorbonne University. Recently, Dr. Engle became interested in microbial genome annotations, and the many unknown or hypothetical genes that have been tentatively identified by computer but not yet examined by humans.


Genetics, Cell Biology

First Year at Xavier



  • Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University; B.S., University of Virginia