Biology Department

Dr. Dorothy Engle

Professor, Biology

Dr. Engle currently teaches General Biology I, the first course for Biology Department majors, Genetics, Genetics Laboratory and Methods of Biological Research (aka Senior Research). In 1995, the students awarded Dr. Engle the Bishop Fenwick Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2001, she received the Joan G. McDonald Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Sciences.

andquot;Since students are active participants in my research project, research also constitutes another form of teaching,andquot; Dr. Engle says. andquot;My research interests span the fields of cell biology and genetics.andquot;

She uses genetic schemes to identify genes whose products contribute to the regulation of the cell cycle. Currently she is focusing on the question of how the cell controls entry into mitosis. Of course, information about the underlying mechanisms that control the cell division cycle will important for understanding cancers, which are diseases caused by uncontrolled cell multiplication.


Genetics, Cell Biology


  • Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University; B.S., University of Virginia