Asian Studies


Students who minor in Asian Studies will:

  • communicate at the intermediate level in an Asian language
  • understand the diverse communication styles in that language
  • recognize patterns of the cultural life of at least one country in Asia, including (but not necessarily limited to) that country's history, society, religion, philosophy, government, language, economy, and arts

Required Courses:

  • JAPN 101-202 or CHIN 101-202 (up to 12 credit hours) [fulfills language core]
  • HIST 161 (Asian History I) or 162 (Asian History II) (3 credit hours) [either fulfills one of the two required history core courses]
  • an approved HIST elective (3 credit hours)
  • an approved 300-level THEO course (3 credit hours) [fulfills third THEO core]
  • an approved elective (3 credit hours) [depending on the course, this could be a core requirement, e.g. PHIL, POLI, ART, ECON]

The minimum credit hours for the Asian Studies minor is 18 hours; the maximum is 24, depending on whether or not students have studied an Asian language in high school.

If a student transfers in credit for a course or courses an Asian language, the language requirement for the minor will be adjusted based on the student's level of proficiency.

Students whose first language is an Asian language and students with intermediate Asian language proficiency (202) transfer credit will take an additional 6 hours of approved coursework for a total of 18 hours in the minor.