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Tutoring is available to current undergraduate Xavier students in almost every subject taught at Xavier. Students may request tutoring for a max of one hour per week per class. 

Request a tutor

When prompted to provide availability, include as much time as possible (Sunday-Saturday 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.). After completing a request form, we will schedule an appointment and email you the confirmation. Appointments are no earlier than two business days from the date of the request, so plan accordingly. You must attend the initial appointment to schedule any additional appointments. All tutoring services with the OAS are free. However, we expect that you will give your tutor 24-hour advance notice if cancelling an appointment.

Special Notes: 

  • Due to high demand, students taking BIOL 140/142, BIOL 144/146, BIOL 160/162, CHEM 160/162, CSCI 180, and/or CHEM 240/242 are encouraged to attend their SI sessions (view schedule here).
  • For MATH 105 through 171 (with the exception of 125), students are encouraged to use the Math Tutoring Lab in 419 CLC (view hours here). This is a free service to students.
  • For assistance with writing, please use the James A. Glen Writing Center in 400 CLC (view hours here).

Please contact our office at or 513-745-2886 with questions.

The OAS trains and certifies all employed tutors. Our tutoring program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. In addition, tutors are required to meet GPA standards, provide professor recommendations, and participate in regular tutor meetings.