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Celebrating the Writing Center's 30th Anniversary: In Our Own Words

The Writing Center is proud to announce our 30th anniversary here on Xavier’s campus!

As part of our celebration, we are pleased to welcome back our blog, Freewrite, which has been on hiatus while migrating to a new platform. As we (re)introduce our blog and honor this occasion, we decided to have our very own tutors and staff tell us, in their own words, what makes the Writing Center such a great place to be. - Joey, Freewrite editor


Blog Post of XU Writers

I love that the Writing Center collaborates with writers to not only improve their papers but also confidence in their writing skills. I also have an incredible team of coworkers who brightens my day and makes me laugh. Whenever I need assistance in tutoring, I know that there is always someone to lend a hand.  

- Anjali, Chemical Science Major, Class of 2020


As a receptionist, I have loved continually watching the growth and commitment of students at Xavier.  The eagerness behind these students to seek help and grow academically is inspiring, especially since I can relate as a student employee.

- Kellie, Nursing Major, Class of 2020


The best part about working at the Writing Center is helping people formulate and develop their own ideas, and then transform those ideas into cohesive pieces of writing. Since I have become a tutor, I have also noticed improvements in my own writing.

- Tim, Classics and Philosophy Major, Class of 2022


From my coworkers to the students and faculty that visit the center, I have gotten the chance to meet a lot of wonderful human beings. I especially love being able to help a writer brainstorm for a fresh assignment or work through something that has been halting his/her/their writing process. That moment of clarity is phenomenal.

- Morgan D. Classics and Philosophy Major, Class of 2019


My favorite part about being a tutor is working with students who are genuinely excited to have conversations about work that is important to them. The most exciting appointments often come from students who are doing work within their major and are inspired by the subject matter that they are working with, which is extremely gratifying.

- Ethan, History Major, Class of 2020


Blog Post of XU Writers

While I love the creative nature of constructing a thesis and drafting an outline, my favorite part of the process is watching a student leave with a cohesive and polished final draft. I love helping students work out the ‘sound’ of their writing; it makes me happy to see them leave with a newfound sense of confidence.

- Issy, English and History Major, Class of 2020


Before working here, I would have said I like to work alone and do things for myself, by myself. Today, I would tell you how much I rely on other people, in so many ways. I'll always be grateful for having this job during my college years, and I'll always be so grateful for the people it introduced me to.

- Matt, English Major, Class of 2019


I enjoy helping students navigate through difficult stages in their writing process, especially the brainstorming phase. By the end of a good session, I can tell that the student no longer feels frustrated, or at a loss for what to do next. Instead, they have a new sense of purpose and direction having unified all their ideas into a well-organized thesis that truly expresses everything they want to say.

- Allison, English and Music Major, Class of 2020


Being able to make genuine connections with people during a session sparks my passion for working at the Writing Center, and helping people feel more confident in any stage of the writing process is particularly rewarding.

- Alex, English and Spanish Majors, Class of 2022


I love working with visitors who are still in the preliminary stages of writing or conducting research; a brainstorming session provides me with ample time to assist them in bringing life to their brilliant ideas. In doing so, I have been inspired by their passion for learning and their commitment to growing not only as writers, but also as people with different professional and personal goals.

- Austin, Master's in Urban Sustainability, Class of 2020


Blog Post of XU Writers


I have grown more confident as a person; I have forged relationships with some very amazing co-workers and friends; and I have also learned so much about people of all education, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds. Everything I have learned will be important as I go forward after Xavier into the workforce, and I am so grateful to the Writing Center because of that.

-Liz, English Major, Class of 2020


I enjoy working at the Writing Center because of the positive energy the staff provides and assistance the tutors help provide for students on campus. Even though I am a receptionist, I feel like I have learned so much about the writing process just from hearing bits and pieces from the tutoring sessions over the course of my four years of working here.

- Nicole, Nursing Major, Class of 2019


My favorite part about working at the Writing Center is the heightened sense of community I feel. The people I meet and the conversations I have are a great thing that comes out of my experience, exposing me to things that otherwise would be out of my reach.

- Morgan G., English Major, Class of 2022


I have gotten a chance to meet a wide spectrum of people and hear about their experiences. As a receptionist, not only do I get to introduce students to the Writing Center, I also get to guide them as much as I can in accessing our available resources.

- Rabiya, Biology Major, Class of 2019


What is most rewarding is seeing a wide variety of personalities learn how to better express their own thinking through the discipline of writing. No matter a person’s field or industry, being able to clearly communicate thoughts and concepts is a crucial part of effectively engaging the world.

- Joey, Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Class of 2020

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