Undergraduate Admission

Selective Admission Programs

Music/Music Education Applicants

Admission to the Music and Music Education majors is competitive. Any student wishing to be considered for admission to these majors must submit additional application documents as well as audition for the Music Department faculty. These music documents need to be submitted in addition to the required documents to be considered for admission to the university.

Applicants are required to submit the Music Department Audition Application, one Music Teacher Recommendation and to attend a Music Audition. When filling out the Music Department Audition Application, applicants will select a Music Audition date and will enter their Music Teacher Recommenders contact information (the Music Teacher recommendation form will be emailed directly to the applicant’s chosen recommender).

To start the process, submit your application to Xavier through the Common Application. Once your application has been received by Xavier, you will be sent log-in information to complete the process. Learn more about the Music Department Audition.

Nursing Applicants

This information applies to Fall 2023 BSN applicants only.

Admission to the College of Nursing is competitive. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants who fully meet or exceed the admission criteria listed below may be admitted directly to Nursing. All other applicants will be admitted first to Xavier as Exploratory majors, and will receive a decision regarding their admission to the Nursing major after December 1.

Students in the Nursing major must earn a 2.7 GPA and grades of 'C' or higher for nursing, science, mathematics, and social science (Sociology or Social Work) courses during their first year at Xavier to maintain good standing in the College of Nursing.

Please note that no separate Nursing application is needed.

Strong candidates for admission to the College of Nursing will meet and/or exceed the criteria below. Please note that meeting the following criteria will make a student a preferred candidate:

  • GPA: 3.0 or higher (on a weighted 4.0 scale)
  • Average 3.0 GPA in science coursework with no grade lower than a C
  • Highschool Chemistry and Biology highly preferred
  • Upper level coursework encouraged

In addition to academics, Xavier will consider all facets of a student's application for admission to the University when considering candidates for the College of Nursing. A student's essays, recommendation(s), resume, activities and awards, demonstrated interest in both Xavier and a career in Nursing, as well as other factors will be considered. Should you have additional questions about the admission process, please contact your admission counselor.

All tuition and housing deposits for students admitted to the College of Nursing are non-refundable.

Students wishing to have their major changed to nursing after being admitted to another major at Xavier must be considered for admission separately to the program and will be admitted to the program on a space available basis.

Students who have been dismissed from another nursing education program are not eligible for admission to the BSN program.

Accelerated BSN

Whether you've always wanted to be a nurse or recently felt called to become an RN, our second-degree Accelerated BSN program in Cincinnati, Columbus, or Cleveland can connect you with that path in 16 months.

Occupational Therapy Direct Admit Pathway

Occupational Therapy at Xavier is a Doctoral level degree (Pending Approval). However, up to 50% of the Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) student spaces will be held for exceptional incoming Xavier University first-year undergraduate students who:

1) Are in the upper academic tier as indicated by their high school cumulative GPA and ACT/SAT scores and

2) Meet OTD admission criteria upon application to the OTD program


In order to be considered for the Direct Admit Pathway, students must:

1) Submit Xavier University application by February 1

2) Select 'pre-occupational therapy' as their pre-professional track on the Xavier University admission application (any major is acceptable)

3) Make their commitment by the May 1 deadline

4) Earn a cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 or higher (typically students offered the Direct Admit Pathway have a 3.75 GPA or higher)

5) Obtain a minimum SAT score of 1310 or ACT score of 28 (typically students offered the Direct Admit Pathway have these minimum scores)

Students who apply will know of their Direct Admit Pathway acceptance by March 1. Direct Admit Pathway students will be required to submit an application to the OTD Program. Acceptance to the OTD Program is assured for students who meet all OTD admission criteria. 

Theatre/Theatre Education Applicants

Admission to the Theatre and Theatre Education majors is competitive. Any student wishing to be considered for admission to these majors must audition for the Department faculty. Students applying to Theatre/Theatre Education will receive two admission decisions. The first will notify the student (before their audition) if they are admitted to Xavier as an undecided student. The second will notify the student (after their audition) if they have been admitted to Xavier as a Theatre/Theatre Education major. Please contact Assistant Professor, Stephen Skiles, to reserve an audition by email at skiless1@xavier.edu or by phone at 513-745-3578.

Philosophy, Politics, and The Public

Philosophy, Politics, and The Public (PPP) is an honors program with selective admission. Students interested in this major should indicate so on their application for admission. Applicants will receive two decisions. First, applicants will receive an initial offer of admission to Xavier with an Exploratory major. After initial Xavier admission, students will be directed to complete and submit an additional program-specific essay of approximately 750 words. Applicants will then receive a second admission decision, specifically for the PPP program.

PPP Essay Prompt:

Identify an issue that you believe to be one of public concern. What makes it an issue of public concern? Given his account of the public in this passage, would Dewey agree that it is an issue of public concern? If so, why? If not, what is Dewey missing in his understanding of the public? More about the PPP program.


Data scientists are trained to combine their skills in analytics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to transform sizable and convoluted data into understandable results that can be used to make intelligent decisions. Xavier’s interdisciplinary Data Science Honors Program develops technical skills, ethics, and a series of projects that challenge students to apply their knowledge to serve the community and address issues in society.

More about the Data Science Bachelor of Science