Music/Music Education/Music Performance Applicants

Admission to the Music and Music Education majors is competitive. Any student wishing to be considered for admission to these majors must submit additional application documents as well as audition for the Music Department faculty. These music documents need to be submitted in addition to the required documents to be considered for admission to the university.

Applicants are required to submit the Music Department Audition Application, one Music Teacher Recommendation and to attend a Music Audition. When filling out the Music Department Audition Application, applicants will select a Music Audition date and will enter their Music Teacher Recommenders contact information (the Music Teacher recommendation form will be emailed directly to the applicants chosen recommender).

To start the process, submit either the Xavier Online Application or the Common Application. Once the application is submitted, you can log in and submit a Music Department Audition Application. Music Department Audition Application

Nursing Applicants

Admission to the School of Nursing is competitive. Applicants to Nursing will be admitted on a rolling basis to Xavier but not to the School of Nursing, they will initially be admitted as exploratory majors. Students will be notified separately of their admission to Nursing. Students will receive two admission decisions; one for undergraduate admission to Xavier and provisional for the nursing major. Selected students will be directly admitted to the School of Nursing, but some applicants will be wait-listed. Wait-listed students will be admitted to Xavier University but not the nursing program. Wait-listed students will be notified as soon as possible, but no later than July 1, 2019, if they are admitted to the program. Admitted students must earn a 2.7 GPA and grades of 'C' or higher for nursing and science courses during their first year at Xavier to maintain good standing in the School of Nursing.

Any student wishing to be considered for admission to the School of Nursing must indicate nursing as their major of choice on their application for admission and must apply by the January 15, 2019, application deadline. All supporting documentation must also be submitted by that time. Please note that no separate Nursing application is needed. Students will be notified of their admission to the School of Nursing during the last two weeks in January 2019.

Strong candidates for admission to the School of Nursing will typically meet and/or exceed the criteria below. Please note that meeting the following criteria will make a student a preferred candidate:

  • GPA: 3.0 or higher (on a weighted 4.0 scale)
  • Old SAT: 1100 or higher, including at least a 490 score on the math subsection
  • New SAT: 1180 or higher, including at least a 520 score on the math subsection
  • ACT: 24 or higher, including at least a 20 score on the math subsection

In addition to academics, Xavier will consider all facets of a student's application for admission to the University when considering candidates for the School of Nursing. A student's essays, recommendation(s), resume, activities and awards, as well as other factors, will be considered.

While academic achievement is most important, Xavier University will consider demonstrated interest in making admission decisions to the School of Nursing. Students can demonstrate interest in Xavier and the School of Nursing by visiting campus, meeting with a Xavier admission counselor at their high school or by meeting with, emailing or calling the Office of Admission or School of Nursing. Demonstrated interest will be used in addition to academic criteria when evaluating candidates for admission and in our assessment of candidates' overall fit for the nursing program.

The School of Nursing will hold informational sessions throughout the year. Registration details coming soon.

Should you have additional questions about the admission process, please contact your admission counselor.

All tuition and housing deposits for students admitted to the School of Nursing are non-refundable.

Students wishing to have their major changed to nursing after being admitted to another major at Xavier must be considered for admission separately to the program and will be admitted to the program on a space available basis.

Occupational Therapy Direct Admit Pathway

Occupational Therapy at Xavier is a Doctoral level degree. However, up to 50% of the Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) student spaces will be held for exceptional incoming Xavier University first-year undergraduate students who:

1) Are in the upper academic tier as indicated by their high school cumulative GPA and ACT/SAT scores and

2) Meet OTD admission criteria upon application to the OTD program


In order to be considered for the Direct Admit Pathway, students must: 

1) Submit Xavier University application by February 1

2) Select 'pre-occupational therapy' as their pre-professional track on the Xavier University admission application (any major is acceptable)

3) Make their commitment by the May 1 deadline

4) Earn a cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 or higher (typically students offered the Direct Admit Pathway have a 3.75 GPA or higher)

5) Obtain a minimum SAT score of 1310 or ACT score of 28 (typically students offered the Direct Admit Pathway have these minimum scores)

Students who apply will know of their Direct Admit Pathway acceptance by March 1. Direct Admit Pathway students will be required to submit an application to the OTD Program. Acceptance to the OTD Program is assured for students who meet all OTD admission criteria. 

Radiologic Technology Applicants

Acceptance to the Radiologic Technology (RT) program is selective and admission to Xavier University does not guarantee acceptance into the RT program. Upon acceptance to Xavier, students interested in the RT program must submit a separate application to the RT program. Students are also required to contact Donna Endicott, director for the radiologic technology program, to arrange an interview.

Additional details are available on the Radiologic Technology website.

Theatre/Theatre Education Applicants

Admission to the Theatre and Theatre Education majors is competitive. Any student wishing to be considered for admission to these majors must audition for the Department faculty. Students applying to Theatre/Theatre Education will receive two admission decisions. The first will notify the student (before their audition) if they are admitted to Xavier as an undecided student. The second will notify the student (after their audition) if they have been admitted to Xavier as a Theatre/Theatre Education major. Please contact Assistant Professor, Stephen Skiles, to reserve an audition by email at or by phone at 513-745-3578.