For years, you've fed, clothed and housed your children, nursed them in sickness and made sure their homework was finished on time. With all that attention, it's hard to imagine they'll make it without you. That's where we come in.

At Xavier, we provide each student with a solid education, a vibrant community, and exciting opportunities to help them reach their potential. We've got your students' needs covered so they can focus on reaching the top.

All For One. One For All.

A Jesuit education is based on the idea that everyone is a unique individual. That's why you won't find a lecture hall in our brand new Smith Hall – or anywhere else on campus. Because the Jesuit way of learning requires small classes and faculty-student interaction. You don't get that in a class of 500.

We Achieve Together

Count on support from your student's personalized success team. Every Xavier student has their own Academic Advisor, Success Coach, Financial Aid Advisor and Career Coach. For the first year and beyond.

Getting Involved

College is about people. And there's no better way to meet them than by joining a club. Xavier students have formed more than 160 organizations, from computer science to community service, languages and art.

Life in Cincinnati

With great music, professional sports and entertainment, there's never a dull moment in Cincinnati. Plus there are many internships to choose from and a thriving network of Xavier graduates who will help get your child a foot in the door.

Celebrating Diversity

Xavier is home to students of all faiths and walks of life. And with more than 20 religions represented on campus, everyone has the chance to see the world though someone else's eyes. 

Diversity at Xavier

Safe and Sound

Our on-campus police officers are the best in community policing because they know our students. If ever needed, they offer a wide range of services to keep students safe.

  • Around-the-clock police patrols
  • Emergency phones located throughout campus
  • A complimentary shuttle service
  • Secure residence halls using high-tech card access

Campus Safety