Technology Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts you should know about technology at Xavier:

  • f you still have problems connecting, please log a ticket at or call 745-4357.

  • IT has a searchable Knowledge Base containing answers to Xavier-specific technical questions at
  • To set up your connection to 'xavierwireless', consult this knowledgebase article. Wireless setup must be performed while on campus. If you wish to connect using a wired connection in the residence halls, you will need to bring an Ethernet cable.

  • Xavierwireless is intended for connecting computers, phones and tablets. Other devices such as gaming consoles, blu-ray, smart TV, etc must be registered on the Xmisc wireless network.

  • Wireless printers cause interference and connection issues in residence halls. We do not provide network connectivity for them. Instead, connect a USB cable directly from the printer to your computer.

  • Students can print from their own devices to the public printers, and within 2 hours of sending their print job, it can be printed from any Print Release station on campus.

  • We offer students access to a Virtual Desktop - a Windows PC with Xavier-licensed software applications, that can be accessed from any device. This is useful if you need access to computer lab software, without having to visit a computer lab.

  • All students can get free copies of Microsoft Office that can be installed on up to 5 different devices, which can be obtained through Office365.