Student Success Center

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At the heart of the Student Success Center is two core beliefs:

1. Every student can thrive at Xavier.

2. There are as many definitions of student success as there are Musketeers.

The Student Success Center partners with students as they transition to and through college. Using a holistic, individualized approach grounded in our Jesuit value of Cura Personalis, the Student Success Center coaches and connects students to resources and collaborates with campus partners to ensure every student has the tools to reach their goals. We create space for students to ask for help, to make mistakes, and to figure out a plan to get back on track. Our support takes different forms, tailored to the individual student and includes things like:

  • Discussing time management tools & referrals to tutoring
  • Sharing tips on how to navigate the course registration system
  • Celebrating a student's accomplishments or milestones
  • Responding to faculty concerns about a student's progress
  • Tackling financial aid questions including sharing opportunities to assist with college expenses

Our work involves removing barriers and helping students identify a constellation of supports (Felton & Lambert, 2020) so that they experience Xavier as a place where they can thrive.