COVID-19 Resource Center

COVID-19 Task Force


  • Jeff Coleman - Vice President, Risk Management (chair)
  • Rachel Chrastil, PhD - Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jean Griffin - Dean of Students
  • Jim Hartman - Human Resources Business Partner
  • Dave Johnson, PhD - Associate Provost and Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • Kevin Lavelle - Director of Brand Strategy
  • Brenda Levya-Gardner, PhD - Dean of the Graduate School
  • Susan Lipnickey, PhD, JD - Associate Athletic Director
  • Dennis Long, PhD - Associate Dean, College of Professional Sciences
  • Lea Minniti - Executive Director of Student Support and Senior International Officer
  • Kelly Pokrywka - Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Dave Rigdon - Practice Manager, Xavier Health Services
  • Doug Ruschman, EdD - Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Bob Sheeran - Vice President for Facilities
  • Dustin Thorn, PhD - Associate Professor, Sport Studies
  • Robert Warfel, JD - Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety

Core team members

  • Academics - Brian Balyeat (FC), Rachel Chrastil (TF), Jeff Edwards, Marco Fatuzzo (Chair of FC), Cindy Geer, Carla Gerberry (Chair of BUGS), Tom Hayes, James Helmer (Chair of BOGS), Mary Kochlefl, Brenda Levya-Gardner (TF), Gary Lewandowski, Judy Lewis, Justin Link (FC), Dennis Long (TF), Ryan Machesky (SGA), Michelle Matherly, Malcolm McEwan (SGA), Patricia McMahon (FC), David Mengel, Alison Morgan (SAC), Jen Robbins (UPRC), Linda Schoenstedt, Dustin Thorn (TF), Janice Walker, Andrea Wawrzusin 
  • Campus Operations - Molly Dugan (SAC), Leslie Dulle, Jeff Edwards, Hema Krishnan (FC), Lori Lambert, Chris Marshall, Bill Moran, David Rigdon (TF), Kaitlyn Roach (SGA), Nicole Schneider, Bob Sheeran (TF), Tim Trucco, Robert Warfel (TF), Thomas Wehby (SGA)
  • Enrollment and Pricing - Susan Abel (Chair of SAC), Vicki Clary, Dalia Diab (FC), Paul Fellinger, Dale Grubb, David Justice, Mary Kniffin, Mary Kochlefl, Brenda Levya-Gardner (TF), Judy Lewis, Tricia Meyer, Lea Minniti (TF), Julie Nelson, Lauren Parcell, Doug Ruschman (TF), Donna Salak, Linda Schoenstedt, Jim Snodgrass, Kiley Solomon, Lindsey Steller, Morgan Thompson, Andrea Wawrzusin 
  • Human Resources - Susan Abel (Chair of SAC), Minnie Catral (FC), Nikè Cline-Bailey, Jenni Dramis, Jim Hartman (TF), Connie Perme
  • Student Engagement - Leah Busam-Klenowski, Joya Dillard (SAC), Jean Griffin (TF), Dave Johnson (TF), Lori Lambert, Lea Minniti (TF), Kyra Shahid, Jim Snodgrass, Stephen Yandell (FC)

FC = Faculty Committee. SAC = Staff Advisory Committee. SGA = Student Government Association. BUGS = Board of Undergraduate Studies. BOGS = Board of Graduate Studies. UPRC = University Planning and Resourcing Council. TF = Task Force.


Faculty and staff should use the brief form below to share your comment, feedback, or question with the COVID-19 Task Force.