Many different majors can lead to a successful career in law. There is no particular course of study that is a prerequisite for admission to law school. Students interested in attending law school, and preparing for a career in law, should pursue courses that will develop excellent verbal, written and analytical skills. The greatest advantage Xavier offers to the prospective law student is a robust core of liberal arts courses. Xavier students, regardless of the major they choose, take courses from many different areas including the humanities, literature, foreign language, mathematics, philosophy, science, social science and theology. These courses combined with the major field of study and free electives provide a strong background that makes the Xavier graduate attractive to law schools throughout the United States.

Prelaw Society

Pre-law students are strongly urged to join the St. Thomas More Pre-Law Society. This group meets several times a year to discuss the law school application process and careers in the legal profession. Participation in clubs and organizations is also a learning experience. Xavier has over 90 additional clubs and activities such as publications, student government, theater and intramural sports. The easiest way receive information about the Prelaw Society is to register via Orgsync via the Prelaw Society.

Prelaw Society Activities include meetings and workshops designed to educate students at each stage in their college career on law as a profession or as pertinent to other occupations, learning more about law, and reflecting on whether a career in law is suitable for them. Sessions include:

· September - considering law as a career? What can Xavier do to help prepare you for a legal career? GPA and other requirements for law school

· October - Admission Deans from local/regional law schools discuss requirements for and applying to law schools.

· November - Panel discussion of practicing attorneys/ opportunities in law

· January -Panel discussion of current law students, preferably Xavier grads

· February - Preparing for and taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

· March - Panel discussion of graduating seniors; sample law class

· April - Election of new officers.

Mentor Program

Xavier University is proud to offer a Mentor Program for students, including those interested in pre-law, where students are partnered with leading law professionals to network and establish connections in the world of law, business and politics. The program offers an innovative approach ensuring that students have a viable and effective network of notable professional contacts assisting them in their career endeavors. For more information visit the Mentor Program

Other Resources

A number of web sites are available to assist pre-law students in information gathering for school and career preparation. They include:



Sean Rhiney, JD
126 Alumni Center