Ask a Musketeer: Terrence Ferguson (Marketing, '17)

Nov 15, 2018

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

1. What inspired you to come to Xavier?

For me, Xavier was a quick sell-I had the opportunities to benefit from individualized teaching by experienced professors who care, recognize familiar faces while walking around campus, and serve for and with the surrounding community. The free student basketball tickets and well-renowned dining hall came as sweet additions, also.

2. What was your biggest fear coming to college? Biggest anticipation?

Prior to solidifying my deposit for admission, I was unsure as to how I would fit into the beliefs and customs of the school's faith tradition as a Protestant student. I also found the Jesuit values applicable to my everyday life. Considering I was the only person from my high school to attend Xavier, my biggest anticipation was meeting new people. This anticipation has positively proven to be the hallmark of my Xavier experience because of the opportunity to meet people from varying backgrounds.

3. What Xavier Clubs and Organizations did you take part in? How have you learned from those experiences?

I have spent most my extracurricular time at Xavier participating in the Community-Engaged Fellowship, the Manresa Orientation team and Student Activities Council. Positions in these organizations have allowed me to delve deeper into the type of leader I am and how I can best effectively make positive impacts both on and off campus. I didn't know that a college could place so much emphasis on personal growth and development. Xavier students are not only afforded superior academics, but they are also supplemented with opportunities that are not offered at many other educational institutions.

4. What are some of your favorite memories here?

My favorite Xavier memory is attending the Big East Tournament in New York City this past spring. The trip included bonding with fellow Xavier students, serving at a food bank and cheering Xavier on to a couple of victories. Our unexpected dominance in those games showed how resilient and strong the Xavier spirit is.

5. Who is an influential person on campus who has impacted you these past four years?

The person who has made the most profound impact on my college life is Aaron Parker, who is a Xavier alumnus from the Class of '07. I was paired with Aaron through the executive mentor program, which connects current Xavier students with career professionals, many of whom graduated from Xavier. He has been an unbelievable mentor and resource for my development as both a student and future businessman. Our similar business interests and career aspirations have proven to be a perfect fit. The fact that Xavier invests time and resources to create connections such as these further exemplifies how much emphasis the school places on cura personalis, or the caring of the whole person.

6. Looking back, what is one thing you wish you could change?

In retrospect, I wish that I had incorporated a couple of weeks or a semester to study abroad. Many of my friends have immense amounts of nostalgia when reflecting upon their learning and social experiences studying abroad. Many of these experiences are only available during your college years, so I would suggest carving out a few weeks in your calendar to consider studying abroad.


7. In one sentence, what advice would you give incoming Musketeers?

Come into Xavier with an open mind and a willingness to explore how you can become an essential part of our community.

8. What is at least one thing you must do before graduating?

Something that I must do before I graduate is try out the Pizza ATM. I am usually so satisfied with the pizza from the Hoff Dining Commons that I haven't ventured to try it out yet. It has garnered so much publicity and social media buzz that I just have to try a slice before I graduate!

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