Alumni Spotlight: Allison McAloon

Mar 30, 2019

Allison McAloon always loved science, especially biology and health, so it was natural that she wanted to become a nurse.

And when she realized how close Xavier was to local hospitals-10 hospitals are within 10 miles from campus-it became natural for her to want to enroll at Xavier.

"Xavier had a renowned nursing program that worked with major hospitals such as Cincinnati Children's and Christ Hospital," McAloon.

"There was also a draw for Xavier about their nursing program being a direct-admit enrollment, which is something very few nursing schools offer."

Of course, Xavier was attractive for other reasons, too. Allison joined the Equestrian Team-she's always loved horses-and was drawn to the service-oriented mission of the school.

"I appreciated the emphasis that Xavier had on social justice, because I am very passionate about service," she says.

"I got really involved in club sports, music and the Center for Faith and Justice on campus. Those organizations were gateways for me to meet friends, and my social life was built around the relationships I made there and in class as well."

And nursing majors are very close too, she says.

"Academically, I spend a lot of time asking questions in the classroom and meeting up with professors outside of class," she says.

"The individual attention I get at Xavier has really helped facilitate my learning and helped me succeed. With my passion for service, nursing seemed to be the best fit. I love how it is both an art and a science. It's truly it's own unique practice."

Xavier truly has been a life-changing experience for her.

"When I took Theology 111-basic level theology-at Xavier with Dr. Yoda, I really began to see the world in a different light," she says.

"My whole perspective on theology and faith changed, for the better, and that has affected every aspect of my life. I grew up Protestant, so Catholicism and the Jesuits were a completely new concept to me. I didn't know much coming to Xavier about the values, but as I took my core classes, I saw how values like 'reflection' and 'solidarity' were at work in the classroom. I have come to love the Jesuit mindset surrounding education, and as a nurse, it has made me more holistic and well-rounded."

The Jesuit values are aligned perfectly with the holistic approach, she says.

"It really taught me to look at the whole patient, not just the body," she says, "which has made me a better nurse."