Kylie Mann Survives Crash and Coma to Walk at Graduation

May 20, 2019

Graduation almost did not happen for Kylie Mann. Kylie was badly injured in a car crash last August while she was home for the summer in Memphis. She thinks her brakes failed. All she remembers is losing control of her car and choosing a big tree to crash into because she'd learned in driver’s education that a pole is more dangerous because it can come through your windshield.

Kylie was in a coma for three weeks with a traumatic brain injury and broken bones. She spent her 21st birthday in the hospital and was eventually moved to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta for rehabilitation. She had to relearn how to do small motor movements with her hands. Unable to return to Xavier for her senior year, she still was able to finish her degree by taking some classes at the University of Memphis and a class over Skype with her Xavier professor.

On Saturday, she walked across the stage for her bachelor’s degree in public relations with a minor in art history. It’s a moment she will never forget. 

“I feel very grateful and very, very blessed to be graduating,” she said. “They thought I would not be able to graduate or do anything, small motor skills, like putting on makeup, but I can do everything. It’s pretty incredible.”

We agree Kylie. Congratulations on completing your degree!