Military Science

All for One Battalion

Xavier University is the host school for Xavier Army ROTC. Through our affiliate programs, you may also attend school at Miami University, Northern Kentucky University, Thomas More University, and Mount Saint Joseph University. 

Joining ROTC (Enrollment)

ROTC is a college course that you enroll in just as you would any other course at college. Once you have enrolled in ROTC through the University, we will have much more enrollment paperwork to fill out to fully participate in ROTC and to be considered for a scholarship/contract. Space for qualified Cadets is very limited these days. If your plan is to skip the first year and enroll in your sophomore year you may be too late.  Contact Mr. Faulkner as early as possible to ensure you are setup for success!!

William (Bill) Faulkner | 513.745.1066 |

Northern Kentucky University, Mount Saint Joseph University, and Thomas More University

To register for ROTC classes at one of our affiliate schools start at the Registrar of the affiliate school. Tell them you want to take Military Science / ROTC classes at Xavier through the Consortium. Fill out the Consortium Cross-Registration Form from the affiliate school and bring that form to the Registrar at Xavier located in the Musketeer Mezzanine in Justice Hall. The Xavier Registrar will process your paperwork then you must return the form back to the affiliate school Registrar. By doing this your transcripts will include your ROTC classes.

Miami University

Miami University Cadets are now part of All For One-North, a manned affiliate. As such, they attend PT, Military Science classes, and Military Science lab with our cadre at the MU campus. Red Hawk Cadets can register through the Miami Banner as they would any other class at Miami. Interested current and future students should contact CPT Keegan Alldredge ( or Mr. John McDonald ( for more information. 

STEM Students

The Army is in need of people that can excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. If you are majoring in Engineering or earning your degree in a Hard Science contact us to see how you can put your degree to work for your Country.

Simultaneous Membership Opportunities

Call us at (513) 745-1066 to learn about the SMP opportunities with the Ohio and Kentucky National Guard and US Army Reserves.

Xavier Army ROTC All For One Battalion Accomplishments

  • Nine time winner of the MacArthur Award
  • Seven time top ROTC program in the Nation and best in the Brigade/Region
  • Ranger Challenge Team 2015 Tri-State Ranger Challenge Competition winners
  • Six top three Ranger Challenge Finishes at the Brigade level including winning the Championship in 2004
  • Cadet Best Ranger Competition winners seven times out of the last ten years
  • Pershing Rifle Best Drill Team in the Nation and is returning to compete this year!

National Scholarships

The window to apply for ROTC National Scholarship as a High School Senior closes in early March 2024. Click to apply for a National Scholarship. If you are a high school junior you can begin your online application. Contact us at (513) 745-1066 for more information. 

Contact Information

  • Campus Location:
    St. Barbara Hall/Armory
    3904 Winding Way
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
  • Recruiting / Scholarship Team:
    (513) 745-1066

  • Professor of Military Science:
    (513) 745-1060

  • United States Army Reserve
    (513) 752-8671

  • Ohio National Guard:
    (513) 288-3983

  • Kentucky National Guard:
    (502) 607-3544