20/21 Vision: A Strategic Action Plan


Enrich the Student Experience Become the premier choice for all students seeking authoritative information, research assistance, and study space, along with providing engaging experiences including programming, makerspace and other activities in a scholarly environment.

  • Goal 1: Elevate library's role in student research and scholarship activities
  • Goal 2: Increase library's connectivity to students
  • Goal 3: Expand teaching role and technique of librarians
  • Goal 4: Enhance curricular and co-curricular use of Makerspace
  • Goal 5: Advance library user self-sufficiency


Emphasize Faculty Partnerships Provide comprehensive research and curriculum support for faculty in serving as creative partners to transform scholarly initiatives and educational work in and out of the classroom.

  • Goal 1: Work with faculty to provide innovative student learning experiences
  • Goal 2: Advance library's role in faculty research and scholarship activities
  • Goal 3: Collaborate with Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to provide integrated programming
  • Goal 4: Define library's role in Digital Scholarship and foster partnerships
  • Goal 5: Explore leadership opportunities for Open Access (OA)
  • Goal 6: Serve as a gateway for affordable and Open Education Resources (OER) initiatives


Cultivate Unique Collections Provide, preserve and maximize use of University Archives, Special Collections, and other exceptional collections adding distinctive value to learning, research, scholarship and institutional identity.

  • Goal 1: Position University Archives as foundational to the institution
  • Goal 2: Improve discovery and access to Special Collections
  • Goal 3: Improve facilities used for storage and use of materials in Special Collections and Archives
  • Goal 4: Develop digital collections exclusive to the University
  • Goal 5: Pursue distinctive collections that add value to the campus and community


Enhance Campus and Community Collaborations Promote relationships on and off campus to offer expertise, resources, and high-impact community engaged connections in achieving the University's mission.

  • Goal 1: Seek campus collaboration opportunities providing expertise and resources
  • Goal 2: Initiate high impact community-engaged connections


Strengthen Library Fundamentals Optimize essentials including staffing, budget, resources, space, and service to advance student academic success, faculty research and scholarship, and the mission of the University.

  • Goal 1: Increase awareness of library challenges and issues to improve institutional support of the library
  • Goal 2: Ensure annual materials acquisition budget is consistently funded commensurate with Academic Plan
  • Goal 3: Seek continual service improvement for library patrons
  • Goal 4: Explore best use for McDonald Library, Conaton Learning Commons and Annex spaces
  • Goal 5: Optimize staffing
  • Goal 6: Increase awareness of existing library resources