2022 Annual Fund Impact Report

We measure the return on your investment in Xavier through the four ways your gift makes an impact on the University.

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Message from the Director

fibbe-square.pngDear Friends,

As I look back on the past fiscal year, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and pride. It’s amazing to see how many members of our Xavier family are willing to give so generously to make an investment in the students at our University. And it truly is an investment. Whether you gave $50 last year or $5,000, the financial resources you invest in Xavier grow over time – both through the lasting impact they have on our students and the impact our students have on the world around them.

We publish an impact report every year to share how donations to Xavier make a difference in the lives of so many. For you and the thousands of others who donated to the University, consider this your investment report. In this case, your Return on Investment – the gains realized from your initial contribution – can be measured through our students and how those dollars keep Xavier regarded as one of the finest academic institutions in the Midwest.

So thank you for making a gift to Xavier. And thank you for believing in the power of a Jesuit Catholic education. Those of us who know this place – who love this place – have undoubtedly seen or experienced firsthand what can be accomplished when we work together as a Xavier family. None of that would be possible without your support. Thank you for making Xavier possible. We couldn’t do it without you.

With gratitude,
Leigh Ann Fibbe
Senior Director, University Relations

Community in Action

Magis, which translates from Latin to ‘more,’ is a fundamental principle present in Jesuit Catholic institutions. Xavier men and women are called to live out the Magis – to do more by using their gifts and resources to the highest order. Decisions made through Magis aim to practically and efficiently make as great of an impact as possible through actions that benefit the common good.

True to Magis, gifts earmarked to Xavier’s annual fund make the widest impact possible by supporting the area of greatest need on campus. That could mean providing scholarship assistance for first-generation undergraduate college students. Or supporting on-campus food insecurity programs for students. Through the annual fund, Xavier is able to go beyond what is expected, to do more by ensuring students and faculty have the resources to live out the university mission.

By The Numbers

More than $6.2 million raised in Fiscal Year 2022 through the generosity of alumni, families, foundations and community sponsors.

Xavier’s two-day March Gladness campaign generated $347,413 in support of student clubs, campus programs and scholarships.

About half of annual fund donations came from Xavier graduates.

7,533 unique donors contributed to the annual fund.

83% of donors gave less than $500 in Fiscal Year 2022.

Service Learning

Alternative Breaks at Xavier provide students with hands‑on learning opportunities to study real socio‑economic issues impacting people around the world. Xavier students participate during extended University holidays. These life‑changing experiences build empathy in students by cultivating critical awareness of issues while inspiring students to change society and the world for the better.

Giving to Xavier can have a lasting effect that extends beyond students and makes a difference in the world. Through restricted gifts to the annual fund, donors help make Alternative Breaks possible by lessening the financial burden associated with travel for students and faculty chaperones.

Alternative Breaks Over the Years

12 countries visited

381 Alternative Breaks trips

3,468 student participants

245 faculty and staff chaperones

More than 60 unique alternative breaks locations

Excellence in Education

Jesuit education inspires students to live purposeful and fulfilling lives of leadership and service to others. Xavier education is never passive; Xavier students acquire knowledge through practical, hands-on learning experiences, many of which simultaneously benefit surrounding neighborhoods and communities in the process. Education is not the end goal at Xavier. It is a means to accomplishing something more – a tool to better understand problems, grow personally and make an indelible impact on the world.

Xavier, through its approach to education, has been widely regarded by national news services as one of the most well-regarded universities in the Midwest. Xavier’s undergraduate business programs and online graduate programs rank favorably among the most well-regarded programs in the country. None of this would be possible without contributions to the annual fund, which help make the learning and extracurricular experiences at Xavier possible.

By the Numbers

Xavier ranked among the top 5 universities in the US.

Named one of the region’s top 10 most innovative institutions.

One of the top 3 Catholic colleges in the state of Ohio.

24% of incoming students identify as multicultural with students from every region of the country represented.

98% of Xavier undergraduates are either employed, attending grad school or working in service or volunteer positions within six months of graduation.

As a university with a military friendly distinction, Xavier was recognized as one of the top two colleges for veterans in the Midwest.

Xavier’s Men’s basketball team won the 2022 NCAA national invitation tournament.

*Statistics and rankings data courtesy of Niche and U.S. News & World Report.

Inspired Action

When St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, challenged his followers to “Go forth and set the world on fire,” he never could have imagined what would become of his words. During their time on campus and after they graduate, Xavier students strive to set the world on fire – to ask questions, challenge conventions and push the limits of the status quo.

Donations made to the annual fund further that goal. The students in Dr. Escorcia’s lab advanced our understanding of cancer genetics through equipment funded in part through March Gladness donations. Your gifts to Xavier make contributions like this possible.

Xavier students, professor collaborate on cancer research

In 2021, Xavier Assistant Professor Wilber Escorcia took several undergraduate students under his wing as research assistants and worked with them to investigate the connection between lipid metabolism and various cancers.

Their research, which was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, has the potential to lead to breakthroughs in understanding how cancer cells manipulate genes. This could ultimately aid cancer therapy development.

Escorcia and his student researchers conduct their research in Escorcia’s lab using state-of-the-art equipment purchased with support of the John and Sarah Lechleiter Endowment for the Sciences and funds raised through March Gladness donations to the Annual Fund.

“The ability for undergraduate students to contribute to their field at such an early point, despite their time and limited skills, really encourages them to keep pushing forward,” Escorcia said. “They also give back to the communities that benefit from the research they produce. Not all undergraduate students in STEM fields are given these types of opportunities, so it’s a very big deal.”

The invaluable experience student researchers gained while conducting real -world field research will go a long way toward their professional success in the biological sciences field.

A gift of any amount makes a lasting impact.

By making a gift to the Xavier Annual Fund, you are able to immediately help with the most pressing and time sensitive needs on campus.

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