Take time to choose the perfect career path by starting classes at Xavier before declaring a major. More than a third of the students in a typical first-year class at Xavier have not chosen a major, and many more switch majors during their first or second year.


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Be advised

Your academic advisor will help you make the right choice when it comes to your college career through all four years.

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A solid foundation

Rooted in Jesuit heritage, no matter what your major is, you'll gain a solid foundation in lifelong values and skills through Xavier's core curriculum.

career fair
Explore your options

Attend the annual Career and Major Exploration fair to get the latest academic information and learn more about career paths, study abroad programs, the job market and much more.


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Welcome to the Family

Four Years That Will Change Your Life.

First Year

First Year

  • Participate in the First-Year Seminar program. We'll work with you during your first year, and all along the way, to help you discover who you want to be, what good you want to do in the world, and what plans we can make together to help you get there.
  • Talk to your academic advisor to learn more about the range of majors available at Xavier and/or career opportunities.
  • Visit the Career Development office to discuss your interests, abilities and goals.
Second Year

Second Year

  • Declare your major.
  • Request your own professional mentor.
  • Start to develop your résumé.

Third Year

Third Year

  • Enhance career and leadership skills.
  • Get involved in internships, volunteer work and study abroad programs.
Fourth Year

Fourth Year

  • Launch steps toward post-graduation goals.
  • Finalize your résumé.
  • Start interviewing for a job or completing plans for graduate school.


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