Entrepreneurship is the study of those individuals in our economy who identify new product or service opportunities, and develop workable plans for capitalizing on these opportunities. These entrepreneurs often assume personal risk while taking the initiative to create and then manage new or expanded enterprises.

By studying entrepreneurship, you will:

  • Learn to recognize and capitalize on new venture opportunities, and creatively solve problems in all types of organizations.
  • Examine the personal, ethical, marketing, financial and operational factors relevant to success or failure.
  • Assist and transfer knowledge to small businesses in the community.
  • Build a solid portfolio of skills and accomplishments through real-world projects.
  • Understand how to create and manage innovation.
  • Be prepared to start your own business based on a viable business model.

Our faculty is active in research and have been published in the following journals:

  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Business Communications Quarterly
  • Business Horizons
  • Business and Society
  • IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Journal of Business Research
  • Journal of Knowledge Management
  • Journal of Management Education
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Journal of Small Business Management
  • Journal of Small Business Strategy
  • Oxford University Press
  • Strategic Management Journal
  • Thunderbird International Business Review