Cintas Institute for Business Ethics

2017 Ethicist in Residence - Marcie Hunnicutt, J.D., CCEP

 The 2016-2017 Ethicist in Residence was Marcie Hunnicutt, Attorney with Thompson Hine LLP.

Here's a quote from Marcie about the 2017 Program:


Being able to participate in Xavier's 2017 Ethicist in Residence was a true privilege. The program involved a level of professionalism and dedication from both the faculty and students that surpassed my expectations. While I found that sharing my own experience in the compliance ethics field as an attorney was fulfilling, I also benefitted from the opportunity to glean from giants such as BP and L'Oreal, who have established themselves as leaders in the field.

Even more impressive was the dedication of the students and faculty participating in the program. Specifically, the diverse exchange of fresh ideas regarding how best to tackle compliance and ethics issues was very fruitful and rewarding. Overall the program is one I would highly recommend to anyone interested in international business ethics and compliance. This is an excellent and well-organized program, packed with experts, true international cultural exchange, and the program attracts people from all professional backgrounds who are dedicated to compliance and ethics. It truly is an honor to serve as an Ethicist in Residence, and I encourage anyone to jump at an opportunity to do so.