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Student doing researchAll Xavier Chemistry Majors are required to perform research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Research is considered a critical component of the curriculum. Many of our students have presented their work at meetings and several have attended National Conference of Undergraduate Research meetings during the past five years. Each student is required to write a final thesis on their project. In addition to the final thesis, students are expected to meet regularly with their faculty mentor, to write an abstract and to deliver an oral presentation of 15 minutes in length to the faculty and students of the chemistry department each semester. They are also required to write a formal research report each semester. The department has been able to support approximately two summer research students per year and several of our students have attended summer internships at other institutions. All of our graduates also present the results of their research at the end of each academic year in an open university wide sponsored meeting called the Celebration of Student Research. Each year since the start of this program, at least one of our graduates has been chosen to represent the student body in the presentation of their research to the Xavier University Board of Trustees. Listed below are faculty who serve as research mentors. A description of their research projects can be found by visiting the links below. A summary of projects can be obtained by clicking here.