College of Arts and Sciences

Introducing Our College


Let me introduce you to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Since joining it in 2003, I've come to know CAS as the liberal arts heart of our Jesuit Catholic, comprehensive university in Cincinnati.

With words such as these, I've introduced our college to each of the faculty candidates I've met in recent weeks. Then I'll draw from my own experiences as well as
my favorite articulation of Xavier's mission to explicate the key words.

How would you introduce our college?

Why do I ask? I've been invited to introduce CAS to Dr. Hanycz, Xavier's president-elect. I only have a few words, and a few minutes, to make our first introduction.

Dr. Hanycz has asked me to reflect on three questions:
  • What are the college's distinctive strengths? 
  • What specific opportunities can we identify? 
  • What challenges are we facing?
So I need your help.

You have in fact already begun to help. You've told me a lot through listening sessions over the past weeks and months.

Next watch for a confidential College Pulse Survey that CASCA will distribute later this week (details below). That'll help too.

And finally, please join me this afternoon at the Coffee Q & A. In addition to any other questions you have, I'll invite your counsel on how to introduce CAS to President Hanycz.

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