College of Arts and Sciences

Quarantine Kitty


Q the kitty joined our home in April. His mother, homeless, left him in a friend's barn.

Ever since, Q the kitty has been caring for my family's mental health. 

We talk about mental health in my family, more frequently in recent months.

And we talk about Q the kitty all the time. Every day he makes us laugh.

When dog-like, he follows us around the house.

When he chases feet treacherously down stairs;

Chews toes, hands, and everything else (including Halloween decorations!);

Comes running to a John Mulaney quote; 

Ambushes an unimpressed elder cat;

Or hides on the off-limits dinner table, half-visible beneath a newspaper.

We are thankful for Q the kitty. On some days, those laughs have sustained us. 

Some of you know what I mean--when a pet, a friend, a family member, a child, a sunset, or something else sparks unexpected laughter. 

Oh: Q is for Quarantine. Q is for the Star Trek character. Q is for the 17th letter of our alphabet.

To be clear: Q the kitty is no conspiracy theorist. And just to be sure that doesn't change, we monitor his screen time closely.

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