College of Arts and Sciences



Purple. I’ve been fond of the color since before I remember.

That remains my best explanation for why a kid from Florida grew up rooting for a football team 1,500 miles away. (
Fran Tarkenton is my other hypothesis.)
Years of unmet hopes have long since battered that particular loyalty. Yes, I know: who am I to complain?
Purple itself? I’m still a fan. Hence the ties.

When it comes to the county’s health status, though, I’m not excited about the possibility that off-campus conditions might tip to that color. 
Should that happen, today or at a later date, expect a campus announcement following any status change issued by the Ohio governor.

In the meantime, I take solace that our COVID cases on campus do not reflect the county’s spikeAll evidence continues to show our classrooms remain safe places. 

So barring an unexpected action from the governor or the mayor, I plan to continue teaching and working as before – with continued vigilance about mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social-distancing.
And I will keep trusting you to decide whether your own circumstances call for a change.

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