College of Arts and Sciences

Marking milestones


Ninety years ago this week, St. Xavier College became Xavier University. 

Neither the end nor the beginning to our institution's story, this change nevertheless represented a milestone worth marking. 

After a too-short summer (or was it a too-long spring?), the first undergraduates--Resident Assistants--returned to our campus this week. Next, local students will begin this weekend to drop off belongings in carefully spaced time slots.  

Plenty more work remains before August 17. And yet I believe it's worth pausing for a moment to note the milestone, and to thank all of you.

Thank you for all that you have done to prepare for this moment, for your flexibility, adaptability, creativity and very hard work.

Thank you especially for supporting one another, for recruiting and welcoming the new faculty who are joining us, and for continuing over the past several months to engage our new and returning students--our many, many students! (See below.)

More work, challenges, and uncertainty lies ahead, to be sure. As I pause to look back and how far we've come, I nevertheless take hope for what's next. May you as well.

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