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In many ways, the past weeks have been the most challenging of my four years as Dean. There's no question.

Yet at the conclusion yesterday of the college's role in the university's effort to reduce expenses, and in the midst of intense planning for a safe and successful fall semester, my strongest emotion today is one of gratitude.

Gratitude firstly to all of you who have contributed to a process of discernment within the college. You invested considerable time and care over the past six weeks, and made the results better.

Many of you attended Q&As, completed surveys, sent me ideas and recommendations, and met with me individually.

CASDI offered guiding principles of equity and inclusion.

At their May retreats, Chairs and members of ALG discussed, debated, and offered creative ideas for moving forward.

The Program Review Board designed a process to support  individual chairs and program directors who offered information about--and some creative ideas for--their programs. PRB's thoughtful, succinct reports directly shaped CASCA's discussions and my recommendations.

And members of CASCA met weekly since the start of May to review reports from CASDI, PRB and others, and to use them to advise me. Their frank counsel has proven invaluable. Thanks to all CASCA members, and especially to Liz Johnson and Tom Strunk, who have now completed their terms.

And then there's the Dean's office team. Second to none.

Gratitude secondly to all our college members who--in person and through public statements--have stood up in recent weeks for black lives and racial justice. That essential work continues, and includes tomorrow's expression of solidarity with protestors against racism sponsored by Shades of X. Friday. Victory Parkway at Dana. 5:15 pm. See you there (from a safe distance, of course).  

And finally, gratitude for the trust you've invested in me. I promise to keep working to earn it.

My budget recommendations themselves? I'll offer a summary and answer questions at this afternoon's Q&A.

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