Xplore is a year-long program to assist Exploratory students in their major and career journey.  This program will:

  • Expose students to majors, occupations and careers/industries
  • Identify students' interests, skills, values and personalities as they relate to majors and careers
  • Introduce students to former Exploratory students for mentoring and sharing experiences
  • Debunk the myths that prevent students from committing
  • Connect students to resources in order to gather information towards making a decision
  • Initiate goals to move students forward in the career development process
  • Celebrate a student’s declaration of major

Xavier University is committed to providing you the support needed to make an informed major and career decision.  The following individuals can help:

  • Academic Advisor & Success Coach:  Find and register for classes that may pique your interest.
  • Career Coach:  Explore the different industries, job sectors, and careers available in the current market.
  • Faculty & Staff:  Help you understand the requirements and rigors fo the courses for the major.
  • Friends & Family:  Connect with people in your interest areas.


Speak with your Success Coach, Career Coach, or contact Mollie Labeda or Barbara Turner-Michaelson in the Student Success Center.