Career Development

Become a Mentor


Being a Mentor is an opportunity for you to share your experience, knowledge and skills with a Xavier student who is preparing to enter the professional world. You will act as a coach and guide with the intent to develop your student's personal and professional growth.

The Program is structured and designed with the schedule of a busy professional in mind. Your available time and the student's level of need drives the nature of the Mentor-Mentee relationship. Time commitment is about an hour/month and most communication is by email or phone/text. Mentors and Mentees meet in person as their schedules allow. Our mentor agreement outlines program expectations.

To ensure a positive and beneficial experience, we ask that Mentors possess:

  • an amicable and nurturing personality
  • strong interpersonal skills and self-reflection
  • 3-5 years of professional experience post bachelor's degree
  • a network to draw on as a resource to assist their Mentee.

Mentor candidates do NOT need to be graduates of Xavier University to participate.

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Mentoring is a two-way street...I learn just as much from my mentees as they learn from me. It is such a rewarding experience to see your mentee grow as they progress throughout their time at Xavier and beyond!
Melissa Frantz, National Account Manager, Kao USA

As someone who did not grow up in Cincinnati, mentoring at Xavier has been a rewarding way to connect with the community in a way that makes a difference.
Joe Varchetto, Finance and Accounting Manager, Procter and Gamble