Confidential Advocacy and Support


If you need confidential support, please text or call Susan Pelle at 513-904-9013, M-F, 8:30-5:00. Support is also available through Zoom and in-person. You are not alone!

  • The CAC is free and CONFIDENTIAL
  • The CAC provides trauma-informed support services and empowers survivors to make informed decisions that are best for them
  • The CAC engages with student survivors at any point in their healing process
  • The CAC works with friends and family of survivors as well as students and staff who receive disclosures
  • The CAC supports survivors of all sexes, gender identities, and sexual orientations

The CAC provides the following confidential services:

  • Immediate Support
    1. Listen to the experiences of the person seeking support in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.
    2. Provide options, rights, resources, and referrals, including to confidential on and off campus counseling services as well as medical and legal services.
    3. Provide ongoing, supportive follow-up services.
  • Housing
    1. Assist with immediate relocation to a safe place.
    2. Assist with permanent relocation of housing.
  • Medical
    1. Provide medical resources and referrals.
    2. Accompany to medical exams, testing, and treatment.
    3. Accompany to hospital emergency room for sexual assault exam.
  • Safety Planning
    1. Help develop a safety plan based on the survivor's specific needs.
    2. Assist survivor to obtain a University-issued No Contact Notice.
    3. Coordinate with police for on-campus escort services.
  • Academics
    1. Assist student to obtain academic assistance, including assignment extensions, and incompletes.
    2. Assist in arranging a change in classroom sections or courses.
  • University
    1. Help navigate university departments, set up appointments.
    2. Assist in filing Title IX report with the University.
    3. Accompany to hearings.
  • Legal
    1. Explain legal options and process.
    2. Help initiate a police report.
    3. Help with orders of protection and accompany to court.

For after-hours support, text or call Women Helping Women's 24-Hour Crisis Line to speak with a confidential advocate at 513-381-5610. For 24-hour confidential online chat support, visit and click on "Live Chat." WHW serves all gender identities and sexual orientations.


The Campus Advocacy Coordinator is a confidential resource and will NOT share personal identifiable information with the University without the student's consent.

Date, location, and nature of the incident will be shared with Xavier's Clery Coordinator in order to allow XU to have a more accurate understanding of these issues, and to help XU design and implement effective gender-based violence prevention and response.