Confidential Advocacy and Support

Confidential Advocacy and Support

Susan Pelle, Campus Advocacy Coordinator, (CAC), Counseling Services

If you need confidential support, please text or call Susan Pelle at 513-904-9013, M-F, 8:30-5:00. Support is also available through Zoom and in-person. You are not alone!

  • The CAC is free and CONFIDENTIAL
  • The CAC provides strengths-based, survivor-centered, and culturally-specific support services and empowers survivors to make informed decisions that are best for them
  • The CAC engages with student survivors at any point in their healing process
  • The CAC works with friends and family of survivors as well as students and staff who receive disclosures
  • The CAC supports survivors of all sexes, gender identities, and sexual orientations

The CAC provides the following confidential services, all of which are optional:

  • Immediate Support
    1. Listen to the experiences of the person seeking support in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.
    2. Provide options, rights, resources, and referrals, including to confidential on and off campus counseling services as well as medical and legal services.
    3. Provide ongoing, supportive follow-up services.
  • Housing
    1. Assist with immediate relocation to a safe place.
    2. Assist with permanent relocation of housing.
  • Medical
    1. Provide medical resources and referrals.
    2. Accompany to medical exams, testing, and treatment.
    3. Accompany to hospital emergency room for sexual assault exam.
  • Safety Planning
    1. Help develop a safety plan based on the survivor's specific needs.
    2. Assist survivor to obtain a University-issued No Contact Notice.
    3. Coordinate with police for on-campus escort services.
  • Academics
    1. Assist student to obtain academic assistance, including assignment extensions, and incompletes.
    2. Assist in arranging a change in classroom sections or courses.
  • University
    1. Help navigate university departments, set up appointments.
    2. Assist in filing Title IX report with the University.
    3. Accompany to hearings.
  • Legal
    1. Explain legal options and process.
    2. Help initiate a police report.
    3. Help with orders of protection and accompany to court.

For after-hours support, text or call Women Helping Women's 24-Hour Crisis Line to speak with a confidential advocate at 513-381-5610. For 24-hour confidential online chat support, visit and click on "Live Chat." WHW serves all gender identities and sexual orientations.