Applied Mathematics Minor

The Applied Mathematics minor requires 20 credit hours of courses:

  • (3) CSCI 170 Computer Science I
  • (4) MATH 170 Calculus I
  • (4) MATH 171 Calculus II
  • (9) At least three additional electives selected from these:
    • MATH 220 Calculus III
    • MATH 222 Applied Linear Algebra
    • MATH 230 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
    • MATH 256 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • MATH 257 Data Modeling
    • MATH 280* Combinatorics
    • MATH 321 Numerical Analysis
    • MATH 325 Mathematical Modeling
    • MATH 372 Applied Analysis
    • CSCI 226* Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science
      *Credit cannot be earned for both MATH 280 and CSCI 226


    Students should select their additional electives under the guidance of a faculty advisor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Students must maintain a 2.000 cumulative grade point average in these courses. The minor in Applied Mathematics is open to all undergraduates except students majoring in Mathematics or Actuarial Science. Students may receive no more than one of these three minors: Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics.