Practicing Wellness

Wellness Team

Spring 2005 Edition of the Healthy Musketeer



Xavier Wellness

Xavier's Wellness program promotes the University's mission of education, personal growth and self-understanding within the Jesuit tradition. Academic development is supported and enhanced within a holistic (spirit, mind, body) approach to well-being. 

Wellness is:

  • a state above and beyond the absence of illness.
  • comprised of seven dimensions: spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, social, emotional, and occupational.
  • a way of life which recognizes the inter-relation among the dimensions.
  • a perspective which appreciates how thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact health.
  • a process of achieving your highest potential for well-being.

Being well is of the utmost importance in maintaining good academic standing and for life satisfaction. Wellness is achieved when we have a healthy mind (spirituality, relaxation, humor, recreation, stress management), a healthy body (exercise, nutrition, rest, illness and injury prevention), and a healthy environment (community involvement, safety and security, social support).

Xavier Wellness efforts are headed by the Wellness Coordinator who is assisted by the Wellness Team.