Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education prepares a teaching candidate to work with children ages 3 through 8, or preschool through grade three. The course of study has child development at the core of pedagogical decisions. The approach is holistic, with a strong emphasis on an integrated learning approach. Developmentally appropriate practice and intense reading instruction are integral to the program. Field experience and student teaching occur at both the preschool and primary level.

Elementary Education

The Master of Education in Elementary Education will provide you with a strong foundation in professional knowledge, experience in combining theory with practice, and opportunities for curriculum development and application. You may pursue an M.Ed. and a teaching license separately or concurrently.

Middle Childhood Education

Middle childhood education prepares a teaching candidate for grades four through nine for teaching in two fields of concentration. The teacher candidate chooses two fields from the areas of social studies, mathematics, science, and reading/language arts. Students experience interdisciplinary learning, a hallmark of middle childhood education, as part of their learning experience at Xavier. The middle school teaching concept is unique, and our students are prepared for curriculum, pedagogy, philosophy and organization of the middle school.

Montessori Education

The Montessori program supports the fundamental tenet that a child learns best within a social environment that supports each individual's unique development. At Xavier, the Montessori teacher learns to be a scientific observer and facilitator. The educator provides an environment for children that is developmentally appropriate to help the child grow in all areas: social, cognitive, emotional and physical.

Multicultural Literature for Children

The Master of Education in Multicultural Literature for Children is a professional degree designed to meet the needs of certified teaching professionals desiring to enhance their knowledge of appropriate literature for children in the classroom.


The Master of Education in Reading will enhance the graduate student's knowledge of the reading process with current theory and research as well as classroom application. The graduate student will develop the ability to work directly or indirectly with students who have either failed to benefit from regular classroom instruction in reading or those who could benefit from advanced training in reading skills.