Undergraduate Admission

Grant Details

We want you in our Xavier family! We look forward to connecting with you and your family as you explore Xavier and decide if we are the right fit for you. Below you will find the details related to additional grant opportunities so you have all the information you need.

  • Only students who are admitted to Xavier as full-time, incoming freshmen for the Fall 2022 semester are eligible for additional grants. Examples of grant opportunities include but are not limited to: Early Filers Grant, Event Grant, Room Grant, or Muskie Grant.
  • If a student attends more than one event (i.e. Muskies on the Road and eXperience Cincinnati) they can only receive one event grant for attending.
  • Only students who are United States Citizens may qualify to be awarded an Early Filers Grant.
  • Students who are awarded one or more of the following financial assistance opportunities may not be eligible to receive a grant. If a student is awarded a grant prior to being awarded one or more of the following financial assistance opportunities once they've been admitted to Xavier the grant may be rescinded.
    • Community Engaged Fellowship
    • FACHEX (Faculty and Staff Children Exchange Program)
    • ROTC
    • St. Francis Xavier Scholarship
    • Tuition Exchange
    • Tuition Remission
    • Student Veterans receiving full benefits
    • Veteran Dependents receiving full benefits
  • Grant opportunities can be stacked on top of any merit-based scholarships a student receives and will go toward the cost of tuition or housing (as is indicated by the grant name). Room Grant can only be applied toward housing costs. If a student is not living on campus, the grant will be rescinded. All remaining grants cannot exceed the cost of tuition.